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Once in Munich he refused to go into a screening of The General. Raymond [Rohauer] and I went to the opening night, but he stayed back in the hotel. It was a roaring success. I think it was just that he didn’t want to be disappointed. […] And he hated crowds bearing down on him. He was paralyzed by crowds. He’d panic and want to run away sometimes. You can see that in his face when This Is Your Life surprised him with a live television show about him. That was in 1957, I think, just before The Buster Keaton Story was released. You can tell he hardly knows what to do or say.

Eleanor Keaton
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"My family made me come. But I hate it. I can’t get a job because I have a lot of accent. I was an assistant manager at a big jewelry store in the Dominican Republic, now I clean tables. We had a big house there. Now we live in a small apartment. If I was home right now, I’d be in a very nice restaurant, on the beach, laughing with my friends. Not sitting alone on a bench, trying to learn English. There I was a princess. Here I am an immigrant. A servant."
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Super Human, group show at Plus Gallery, Denver.
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Such a beautifully simple but useful site. 
It’s also a pretty impactful reminder that out of over 7 billion people….SIX are not on Earth.


Give ‘em a wave next time you look up.

The NYTimes is just a puppet for Gelb and his administration.

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