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Music writer, player, lover. Any music that you can name but classical and film music are what I listen to the most. I'm about bowties (wear one every day!), cinema, music, and art.

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Ocean’s Eleven by Edgar Ascensão
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Hangzhou, China: A piece of graphene aerogel developed at Zhejiang University is placed on a cherry flower. The sponge-like matter weighs 0.16 milligrams per cubic centimetre and is the world’s lightest solid material.
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The Death of Mariko
The last moments between Mariko Yashida and Wolverine before her death.
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A little tribute piece done for Batman’s 75th Anniversary.
If anyone’s interested, I’m making the original immediately available for purchase (including international shipping): check it out.

Today’s the last day to put a bid on this, if anyone cares to.